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February 17 2014


Symptoms of sudden and fatal disease and stroke

Researchers uncovered Center Cedar Sinai Medical Center, USA, for a range of symptoms of sudden and dangerous, which refers to the incidence of the deadly disease, "stroke", and the high risk of stroke and reverse

the blood of some brain cells, and thus her death, arguing the need to call an ambulance or go to the nearest hospital for urgent care when feeling any of these symptoms to reduce the chances of death or injury serious health problems.
Become A Muscle Builder

 Revealed researchers from five serious symptoms associated with the infection, stroke, which affects more than 795000 people in the United States annually, which often afflict the elderly, while affecting about 20% of people aged less than 55 years, and the password in all of them is "surprise", where the incidence of such symptoms occurs without warning.

Offers you the "seventh day" the most prominent of these symptoms:
1. Feeling numb or sudden weakness in the muscles of the face, arm or foot, and so on only one side of the body.

2. Sudden disruptions in the pronunciation of speech, confusion and imbalance in the understanding.

3. Problems occur in vision, and so suddenly on only one side of the body.

4. Occurrence of severe difficulty in walking suddenly, with dizziness and loss of the ability to balance and harmony of the body.

5. Feeling a sudden and severe headache without known reasons.

February 15 2014


Whats lower back pain

Signal risk in limited cases, it may be lower back pain «danger signal» portends the need to take a medical procedure immediately, in the event that none of the pain of the following forms:

Pain in the lower back is accompanied by fever
Pain is not getting better or getting worse
Numbness in the thigh
Loss of control over bladder or bowel
Weakness of the leg muscles
Inability to take out a sitting or sleeping comfortably at times feeling the pain of the lower back

When can I start exercising? Bedding for an extended period is not something useful in periods of peak lower back pain, but you should not rush similarly in practice exercises to extend and strengthen the muscles, according to the research.

«If I suffered a bout of pain at the bottom of the back and tried to exercise the next day, it would not be useful».

Instead, you have to continue your daily activities as soon as possible, but avoid lifting heavy weights and participate in physical activities receive a sudden pressure on your back, such as jogging or ice cliff.

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