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February 24 2014


What the main causes of diabetic foot infection and the risk factors?

Affects of diabetes on all different body systems, rise in blood sugar for a long time leads to inflammation of the peripheral nerves, and inflammatory vascular, and caused by narrowed arteries and peripheral result in a miscarriage of circulatory terminal means that the blood does not reach the parties, and thus becomes a wound healing more difficult .

Advisory on the treatment of diabetic foot to the most important reasons that may increase the risk of high incidence of diabetic foot are as follows:
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Wearing shoes is not suitable for the feet, which leads to increased incidence of fissures, ulcers, superficial wounds and deep.

Infections of the peripheral nerves that lead to loss of feeling pain in the feet, with a sense of permanent burns when you walk on hot surfaces in the case of the injured was barefoot, which facilitates the occurrence of injuries and wounds pedicures.

Peripheral circulatory failure as a result of narrow arteries, causing a slow healing process, or lack of healing, as a result of lack of blood pumping appropriate quantity supplied tissue with the necessary nutrients and antibodies to microbial resistance and to make the process of building tissue.

Microbial infection and fungal infections of the feet that cause serious medical problems with poor circulation and inflammation of the peripheral nerves
Foot nails relief and exposure to solid objects bumping and cutting nails improperly, which may lead to the occurrence of foot wounds with increased incidence of microbial infections.

The use of caustic chemicals and scorching to remove pimples and "Callus" may lead to the occurrence of wounds and burns deep pedicures.

Smoking and its negative effects on all the different organs of the body; leads to narrow the arteries and peripheral small feeder for the feet which will delay healing and increase the incidence of microbial and wound infections. Confirms the importance of controlling blood sugar and take care of daily foot.

Are you having a sebaceous cyst on the ovary affect pregnancy?

Sent us by reader says: I am a lady I suffer from sebaceous cyst on the ovary three years ago, after my marriage one year performed arthroscopic surgery to discharge the liquid inside, and the doctor told me that it is smaller than it appears in the echo sounder which is 7 cm and now
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I'm six months pregnant Is there risk to pregnancy or ovarian of the existence of this sac, and proper procedures that I can follow to avoid potential risks and whether there is treatment leads to the disappearance of the telescope?
Answer this question, Consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, said:

It is always advised after the withdrawal of liquid water from the bag that followed up at the gynecologist in the next six months by conducting sonar to make sure not to increase the size again and make sure also that if

the increase does not exceed the size of 5 cm and only warranted an arthroscopic surgery to pull this liquid again, as in the case of a pregnancy, it's best follow-up sonar, and especially in recent months can be amplified in the case of surgically excised during childbirth in case of caesarean delivery was knowing that there is no negative impact to the presence of this bag on the pregnancy or the fetus.

February 19 2014


I look at the plate of bread and desserts at dinner

Sometimes, seeing as I look at the plate of bread and desserts at dinner, still trying to persuade me to "eat a piece, just really wants." But such entreaties only strengthened my resolve. Two weeks later I realized that the system works.

I even did not have to be weighed when I wore tight jeans, folds of fat is not hanging over the belt. Just over a month I have lost six pounds.
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I cannot help it - Cock reached that same mark, which he dreamed, and his body began to take shape, to which I aspired. Now I understand, of course, that lovely figure world is large enough. But the belief in on your willpower and Wellness - much more tangible reward for my efforts. I seal a little success, but not I bring myself to exhaustion.

 I have to hurry. I do not perceive my limited diet as a diet, and going to the fitness club - as punishment. I just like to live that way, "are healthy."

The entire street! Rock press in a stuffy club when the window plus 20 absurd! Bench in the park will replace any trainer, walking along showcases interesting treadmill, and dancing in the open air - just not with the incomparable pleasure! Run out of the house! City waits!


Advice about eating healthy

If you noticed that the bruises began to appear frequently and it is not associated with injuries, moreover, they do not go for three weeks, see a doctor - maybe a problem in weak vessels and need to devote time to the care of the veins in the legs and do prevention of capillary "Stars" on her face.
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Advice about eating healthy - The two-week diet will not make you slim forever. Proper nutrition and sports - that's the surest way to a great figure. Tonya FADEEVA checked on my experience, this simple truth.

Among my friends, I am known as a fanatical so-called healthy lifestyle. So-called - because the vast majority of those who hold a reasonable diet and exercise regularly, does not do it in the name of health, but for a more attractive appearance.

Anyway, I'm not rabid sports fan and proper nutrition. I've always been a terrible sweet tooth, and for me a great pleasure, for example, eats a cake.

If someone can catch me at the time of the forbidden pleasure, be sure to like exclamation of surprise: "That's lucky you - eat cakes, but do not get fat.

" However, a different picture - I have had dinner a couple of apples and a glass of yogurt - also puzzling: "What limits you because it's all right with the figure." Yes, all right - the price some effort. Luck had nothing to do.


People with body dimorphic disorder have abnormal neural circuits

Revealed a recent medical study conducted by U.S. researchers, revealed that people with body shape deformation disorder suffer from a complex tangle wire nerve in the brain, as they have abnormal patterns of brain electrical circuits within the brain.

The researchers said, that body dimorphic disorder, which affects about 120 thousand of the British people is a kind of physical disorders depends on the preoccupation of the patient's ongoing defect relation appearance extends to feelings of exaggerated, and this results in excessive preoccupation with mental disorders markedly reflected in real life, and that these People are always looking for cosmetic surgery to change the image to see it always ugly. 
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The researchers at the Universities of California, Los Angeles, that these people have connections neurological abnormal among the regions of the brain involved in processing visual and emotional, which explains their vision is correct because they are deformed ugliness, even though they seem to be very natural for others.

We have found a strong link between low efficiency of communication across the brain entirely, and the severity of body dimorphic disorder, stressing that the less efficient neural connections in the brain when patients have increased symptoms significantly, especially for the behavior of the coercive, such as checking mirrors every second almost.

He added that people who suffer from this condition tend to stare in the smallest details, such as spots is apparent on their faces, instead of looking at themselves in the aggregate, the greater the sense of Ugly greater the suffering and the inability to go to a normal life.

February 18 2014


Millions Of microbes leather hides

A recent study showed that the topography of the hand allows the microbes to settle, and there are five million of microbes, at least on the human hand and can many other microbes live on human hands for several hours as it may hide millions of microbes under the rings, bracelets and watches.

For his part, explains a member of the society of Allergy and Immunology and consultant and a Fellow of the Institute of Children's Childhood, the skin looks smooth, but a lot of meandering corridors and relatively deep.

Allowing microbes to remain as that skin is the largest organ in the human 1.7 square meters and bacteria living by the sweat and streams and in the hair follicles and the surface layer of the skin cell of a thousand million and 2 million slot of sweat every day.

On the other hand refers we lose about one gram per day by the skin friction of movement and showers, and air.

February 17 2014


International Day for stroke

The International Day for stroke, and that comes in the twenty-ninth of the month of October every year, and on this occasion organizes the Global Campaign for the treatment of stroke, a series of events in France to shed light on this deadly disease, which will be under the slogan "because I took care of disease ", so as to alert the role of health care providers to control the stroke, and attacking one person every two seconds.

Stroke is a serious disease and very deadly, and which affects more than 15 million people a year die about six million of them, and in this dangerous disease that 31% of infected people young age.

The researchers pointed out that the young ladies, and obese next to a metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, vulnerable to injury stroke average of 3 and a half times compared to normal-weight ladies.

Revealed the global campaign to counter the stroke of six important recommendations to reduce this disease, namely:

Caution when injury to one of the following risk factors: chronic hypertension, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and try to control the event of injury.

Exercise and physical activities regularly
Follow a healthy diet, and that a great deal of eating fruits and vegetables, and limit foods rich in salt to avoid high blood pressure.

February 15 2014


stage age health problems

Age and Sex Is the pain varies depending on age and gender? Answered «Yes» Each stage age health problems and causes of pain different from the other:

Children and those suffering often after returning from school because of them very heavy books and use the bags that carry on the back.
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Middle-age, they must search for the quality of their work, which plays an important role in the business, such as back pain that require standing or sitting for a long time.

The elderly, and those must be well screened to make sure of the reasons associated with back pain, you should focus on the clinical examination and radiological for ages under the age of twenty and above the age of fifty.
Gender, women after the age of forty, suffering back pain, especially who have more than four children and is due to calcium deficiency and increased fat in the body and relaxes the ligaments.
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