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What the main causes of diabetic foot infection and the risk factors?

Affects of diabetes on all different body systems, rise in blood sugar for a long time leads to inflammation of the peripheral nerves, and inflammatory vascular, and caused by narrowed arteries and peripheral result in a miscarriage of circulatory terminal means that the blood does not reach the parties, and thus becomes a wound healing more difficult .

Advisory on the treatment of diabetic foot to the most important reasons that may increase the risk of high incidence of diabetic foot are as follows:
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Wearing shoes is not suitable for the feet, which leads to increased incidence of fissures, ulcers, superficial wounds and deep.

Infections of the peripheral nerves that lead to loss of feeling pain in the feet, with a sense of permanent burns when you walk on hot surfaces in the case of the injured was barefoot, which facilitates the occurrence of injuries and wounds pedicures.

Peripheral circulatory failure as a result of narrow arteries, causing a slow healing process, or lack of healing, as a result of lack of blood pumping appropriate quantity supplied tissue with the necessary nutrients and antibodies to microbial resistance and to make the process of building tissue.

Microbial infection and fungal infections of the feet that cause serious medical problems with poor circulation and inflammation of the peripheral nerves
Foot nails relief and exposure to solid objects bumping and cutting nails improperly, which may lead to the occurrence of foot wounds with increased incidence of microbial infections.

The use of caustic chemicals and scorching to remove pimples and "Callus" may lead to the occurrence of wounds and burns deep pedicures.

Smoking and its negative effects on all the different organs of the body; leads to narrow the arteries and peripheral small feeder for the feet which will delay healing and increase the incidence of microbial and wound infections. Confirms the importance of controlling blood sugar and take care of daily foot.

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