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Are you having a sebaceous cyst on the ovary affect pregnancy?

Sent us by reader says: I am a lady I suffer from sebaceous cyst on the ovary three years ago, after my marriage one year performed arthroscopic surgery to discharge the liquid inside, and the doctor told me that it is smaller than it appears in the echo sounder which is 7 cm and now
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I'm six months pregnant Is there risk to pregnancy or ovarian of the existence of this sac, and proper procedures that I can follow to avoid potential risks and whether there is treatment leads to the disappearance of the telescope?
Answer this question, Consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, said:

It is always advised after the withdrawal of liquid water from the bag that followed up at the gynecologist in the next six months by conducting sonar to make sure not to increase the size again and make sure also that if

the increase does not exceed the size of 5 cm and only warranted an arthroscopic surgery to pull this liquid again, as in the case of a pregnancy, it's best follow-up sonar, and especially in recent months can be amplified in the case of surgically excised during childbirth in case of caesarean delivery was knowing that there is no negative impact to the presence of this bag on the pregnancy or the fetus.

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