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I look at the plate of bread and desserts at dinner

Sometimes, seeing as I look at the plate of bread and desserts at dinner, still trying to persuade me to "eat a piece, just really wants." But such entreaties only strengthened my resolve. Two weeks later I realized that the system works.

I even did not have to be weighed when I wore tight jeans, folds of fat is not hanging over the belt. Just over a month I have lost six pounds.
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I cannot help it - Cock reached that same mark, which he dreamed, and his body began to take shape, to which I aspired. Now I understand, of course, that lovely figure world is large enough. But the belief in on your willpower and Wellness - much more tangible reward for my efforts. I seal a little success, but not I bring myself to exhaustion.

 I have to hurry. I do not perceive my limited diet as a diet, and going to the fitness club - as punishment. I just like to live that way, "are healthy."

The entire street! Rock press in a stuffy club when the window plus 20 absurd! Bench in the park will replace any trainer, walking along showcases interesting treadmill, and dancing in the open air - just not with the incomparable pleasure! Run out of the house! City waits!

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