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Advice about eating healthy

If you noticed that the bruises began to appear frequently and it is not associated with injuries, moreover, they do not go for three weeks, see a doctor - maybe a problem in weak vessels and need to devote time to the care of the veins in the legs and do prevention of capillary "Stars" on her face.
Introduction Darwin Smith

Advice about eating healthy - The two-week diet will not make you slim forever. Proper nutrition and sports - that's the surest way to a great figure. Tonya FADEEVA checked on my experience, this simple truth.

Among my friends, I am known as a fanatical so-called healthy lifestyle. So-called - because the vast majority of those who hold a reasonable diet and exercise regularly, does not do it in the name of health, but for a more attractive appearance.

Anyway, I'm not rabid sports fan and proper nutrition. I've always been a terrible sweet tooth, and for me a great pleasure, for example, eats a cake.

If someone can catch me at the time of the forbidden pleasure, be sure to like exclamation of surprise: "That's lucky you - eat cakes, but do not get fat.

" However, a different picture - I have had dinner a couple of apples and a glass of yogurt - also puzzling: "What limits you because it's all right with the figure." Yes, all right - the price some effort. Luck had nothing to do.

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