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Stations block the production of cholesterol

Brains in bold Shin, professor of biophysics at Iowa State University, finds that high cholesterol is essential for proper brain function. Lack of cholesterol affects the mind and memory of.

"Who remembers cholesterol in the brains, thus directly affects the machinery that the release of neurotransmitters into motion. Neurotransmitters affect the transmission of information and memory, in other words, they determine how smart you are and how well you can remember, "says Shin things. (Proc USA, 2009, 106: 5141-5146)
The role of coenzyme Q10 Fat Loss Factor Success Stories

It is a known fact that users of stations coenzyme Q10 losses. The degree to which is related to the dose of stating.
Stations block the production of cholesterol as well as Co-Q10 by suppression of the precursor of both substances. CoQ10 is part of chemical reactions, especially clingier productive and helps the cell membranes to from oxygen damage. More resilient Q10 is widely found in the heart, mainly because of the enormous energy of heart cells.

Research has shown a link between lacks of this enzyme, heart failure and impaired cardiac function. Nine of the 15 published studies have confirmed that stations significantly reduce CoQ10 (

Opponents of stations believe that stating use leads to an increase in 'stating cardio you pithy. Then the heart loses its ability to pump or the heart rhythm becomes disturbed, which leads to an irregular heartbeat.

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