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People with body dimorphic disorder have abnormal neural circuits

Revealed a recent medical study conducted by U.S. researchers, revealed that people with body shape deformation disorder suffer from a complex tangle wire nerve in the brain, as they have abnormal patterns of brain electrical circuits within the brain.

The researchers said, that body dimorphic disorder, which affects about 120 thousand of the British people is a kind of physical disorders depends on the preoccupation of the patient's ongoing defect relation appearance extends to feelings of exaggerated, and this results in excessive preoccupation with mental disorders markedly reflected in real life, and that these People are always looking for cosmetic surgery to change the image to see it always ugly.

 The researchers at the Universities of California, Los Angeles, that these people have connections neurological abnormal among the regions of the brain involved in processing visual and emotional, which explains their vision is correct because they are deformed ugliness, even though they seem to be very natural for others.

 We have found a strong link between low efficiency of communication across the brain entirely, and the severity of body dimorphic disorder, stressing that the less efficient neural connections in the brain when patients have increased symptoms significantly, especially for the behavior of the coercive, such as checking mirrors every second almost. He added that people who suffer from this condition tend to stare in the smallest details, such as spots is apparent on their faces, instead of looking at themselves in the aggregate, the greater the sense of Ugly greater the suffering and the inability to go to a normal life.

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