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Millions Of microbes leather hides

A recent study showed that the topography of the hand allows the microbes to settle, and there are five million of microbes, at least on the human hand and can many other microbes live on human hands for several hours as it may hide millions of microbes under the rings, bracelets and watches.

For his part, explains a member of the society of Allergy and Immunology and consultant and a Fellow of the Institute of Children's Childhood, the skin looks smooth, but a lot of meandering corridors and relatively deep.

Allowing microbes to remain as that skin is the largest organ in the human 1.7 square meters and bacteria living by the sweat and streams and in the hair follicles and the surface layer of the skin cell of a thousand million and 2 million slot of sweat every day.

On the other hand refers we lose about one gram per day by the skin friction of movement and showers, and air.

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