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International Day for stroke

The International Day for stroke, and that comes in the twenty-ninth of the month of October every year, and on this occasion organizes the Global Campaign for the treatment of stroke, a series of events in France to shed light on this deadly disease, which will be under the slogan "because I took care of disease ", so as to alert the role of health care providers to control the stroke, and attacking one person every two seconds.

Stroke is a serious disease and very deadly, and which affects more than 15 million people a year die about six million of them, and in this dangerous disease that 31% of infected people young age.

The researchers pointed out that the young ladies, and obese next to a metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, vulnerable to injury stroke average of 3 and a half times compared to normal-weight ladies.

Revealed the global campaign to counter the stroke of six important recommendations to reduce this disease, namely:

Caution when injury to one of the following risk factors: chronic hypertension, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and try to control the event of injury.

Exercise and physical activities regularly
Follow a healthy diet, and that a great deal of eating fruits and vegetables, and limit foods rich in salt to avoid high blood pressure.

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