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Walking and swimming from the first sports that help to relieve the pain of bone

Various sports activities, working to move the body and activate the muscles, and not stagnation and stillness, is intuitively benefit the body strongly, but some specific sports is one of the most important sports and the first, which acts as a catalyst to ease the pain of the body and bone pain, of course ..
Consultant orthopedics and spine, speaking at this important topic,

 pointing out that sport and various sports activities all help the body to relax and activation and increase vitality and endurance but there are sports particularly interested in and increase its ability to withstand pain.

The experts advised not to sit for a long time, or the fear of exercise simple belief that their situation will worsen with walking is the belief has proven his, though new discoveries support this, refers to the benefits of physical activity public, such as walking or swimming on the disappearance of back pain.

It showed also that many of those who were suffering from pain in the back has fared already exercising sport brisk walking for three hours a week. Compared with those who do not practice it, is due to the relaxation of muscles and feeling comfortable in the exercise activity, especially walking

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