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Cholesterol in men

  For the 5-10% group, 10 to 17.5% group, 17,5-25% group and> 25% group were the values for HDL cholesterol 1.48 respectively 1.39, 1.32 and 1 23 mol / l.

For triglycerides values were 1.19, respectively, 1.25,, 1.15 1.28 and 1.29 mol / l.
 For women, a significant correlation was also found between sugars and LDL cholesterol by 2.97, respectively, 3.05, 3.13 and 3.18 mol / l. There was no significant association between sugars and LDL cholesterol in men. grow taller 4 idiots programs

When people whose diet for more than 10% of added sugars was the risk of low HDL-cholesterol increased by 50 to more than 300% compared to the individuals in the reference group

NDN Comments
Can be concluded after reading this study that there is a relationship between eating added sugars in food and a change of vet spectrum

This corresponds to the years of practical experience of many natural health food experts and nutritionists. The relationship between sugar and idiopathic hypoglycemia, behavior, fatigue, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, skin and intestinal disorders, inflammation and many other symptoms without a diagnostic name with good sensory noted already by many.

Depending on whether the nutritional or the drug industry suits are there or no scientific evidence. Now all the diseases mentioned an economic problem resemble forms of scientific studies on the relationship between poor nutrition and health to accumulate.

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